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About the Cadillac Connectors

We are the Cadillac Connectors - Team 5086. We are a relativly new team to first robotics, starting in the 2014 season with our wonderful sponsors and mentors. Most of us attend Cadillac High School, in Cadillac, Michigan. We have the great opportunity to not only learn STEM and the benifits of Science and Math, but also buisiness opportunities - From talking to sponsors to building this website! Each year, in January, we recive from FIRST a kit of supplies and an animation of this year's game and the rules/objectives. Then, we have six weeks to design, build, code, test, debug, and practice with our robot. After that, we bag up the robot and go to competitions!

2015 Traverse City Competition

2016 Howell Competition


We couldn't do any of this without the help of our sponsors - They make it possible for us to do anything and everything. Cadillac schools also helps us - we have our own room and access to many other resources that we couldn't have elsewhere. School Website | Sponsors Page

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