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Cadillac Connectors — Sponsors

So, you may be asking why we, a team dedicated to building a robot, would need sponsors? Well, let us tell you? A big part of FIRST is working with the community, that's even where our team name from. However, not only is connecting wilth the community a part of FIRST, but sponsorships in particular are the main way that we finance the team. Without your help, there would be no Cadillac Connectors! So, if you want to help the team and become a part of the community, sponsor us!

This years sponsors:

AAR Mobility Systems
Avon Automotive
Avon Protection Systems
Baker College
Blackwolf Computers
Cadillac Area Community Foundation
Cadillac High School
Consumers Energy
DK Design Group
Home Depot
Kendall Electric
Mercantile Bank of Michigan
Netmed Transcription Services, LLC
Network Reporting Corporation
State of Michigan
United Auto Workers Union
Windemuller Electric
Wolverine Power Cooperative

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